Transition Report 2013 Stuck in transition?

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Facts at a glance

18 sector-level transition indicator upgrades in 2013.

AS THE 159th member to join the WTO, Tajikistan has taken an important step towards integration in the global economy.

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20 countries in the region face large transition gaps in the electric power sector.

OVER 50% of employed Egyptians still work in agriculture or the public sector.

Structural reform


Kosovo became the 66th member of the EBRD in December 2012. The EBRD has been active in Kosovo since 1999, but the country faces a tough transition agenda as a result of its weak institutional structure and years of under-investment.

Table S.1 highlights the extent of the transition challenges facing Kosovo. Its scores typically range from 2- to 2+. Only the railways sector achieves a 3-. This reflects some regulatory progress, but there is no competition, and services operate in a non-commercial manner. Private equity and capital markets each score just 1, as both are at the earliest stage of development. The transition gaps for market structure and market-supporting institutions are all either medium or large.